Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday Horst Schulze

Horst Schulze was born on April 26, 1921 in Dresden, Germany. Horst attended Petrenz Opera School in Dresden where he took acting and singing classes. He appeared in his first opera performance "Weapon" at the Dresden Opera. He was a soldier during World War II and after the war was over he returned and again worked at the Dresden Opera house as a singer. Here he met his future wife Anne Pillatzke. He became a favorite performer at the State Theater. In 1958 he began his film career with DEFA and also appeared in TV films. During this time he continued to appear in operas and stage plays in such venues as the Berliner Ensemble and Metropol Theatre. From 1972 on he worked as a lecturer in Berlin and Dresden. Schulze appeared in two Euro-westerns: "White Wolves" (1969) as Collins P. Harrington and "Osceola" (1971) as William Raynes. Schulze has two children Andre Schulz and Ralf-Peter Shulze. Today we celelbrate Horst Schulze’s 90th birthday.

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