Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Dio solo sa - Italian title
Ma il buon Dio e proprio in gamba? - Venezuela title
Solo dios lo sabe - Spanish title
God Only Knows - English title

A 1997 Italian, Venezuelan co-production [Antea (Rome), EDA Cinematografica (Caracas)]
Producer: Enzo D’Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio)
Director: Enzo D’Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio)
Story: Enzio D’Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio)
Screenplay: Enzo D’Ambrosio (Vincenzo D’Ambrosio)
Cinematography: Roberto Gitometti [color]
Music: Giovanni Luisi
Running time: 100 minutes

Gary Clemons - Ethan Wayne (John Ethan Wayne)
Bess - Jo Champa (Josephine Chiampa)
Jeremy - Andrey Khalimon (Andrej Khalimon)
Margaret - Valentina Carmona
Lang - Loreto Ricci
Tudor - Hamish Cranfield
Pat - Carlos Delgado
José Luis - Luis Gerardo Núñez
Jewel - Mercedes Moncada
Pedro - Santos Ascanio
Dolores - Carmen González de Lovera
Maria - Carolina Leandro
Naomi - Alexandra de Din
Miguel - Enrique Dorante
Martha - Maria Antonieta De Ardila
Judith - Mira Kugelmann

An outlaw fleeing to Mexico to escape the law finds two orphans of a wagon train massacre and the trio has a number of adventures before the story is resolved.


  1. Cast update: It seems Sambrell only appears in the trailer that was lensed in Spain, to help sell the project. Sources say that the entire film was made in Venzuela. Sambrell is NOT listed in recent Venzuelian notices. He might not actually appear in the film any more. PS Sambrell does show up in the 1989 first pilot for the Zorro Tv series that was shot in Spain.

  2. Thanks, I will change the listing.

  3. Where can I find this movie?

  4. I saw it advertised several times in Variety stating it would be showing at different industry film shows in hopes of finding a distributor but as far as I know it was never released.

  5. Hm, that's too bad..
    It would've interested me..

  6. I'm hoping of finding it too. And it is Loreto Ricci. It's a dude.

  7. Correction noted and changed. Good hunting and thanks.

  8. The film is listed in Aldo Sambrell's biography and there are pictures with him and Ethan Wayne in costume. Possibly he was in the film and his scenes were cut. on

  9. Chances are I won't be able to find the film either. I hate that sometimes.