Friday, April 15, 2011


Vayas con dios, gringo! - Italian title
Vete con Dios, gringo - Spanish title
Käytä nyrkkejäsi, gringo - Finnish title
Dieu est avec toi, gringo - French title
Dyo aghones gia ton Gringo - Greek title
Good Luck Gringo, They’ll Pay in Blood - South African title
Good Luck Gringo - English title
Go With God, Gringo - English title

A 1966 Italian production [CIO Intercontinental, SAP Film Productions (Rome)]
Producer: Vincenzo Musolino
Director: Edward G. Muller (Edoardo Mulargia)
Story: GlennVincent Davis (Vincenzo Musolino), Edward G. Muller (Edoardo Mulargia)
Screenplay: GlennVincent Davis (Vincenzo Musolino), Edward G. Muller (Edoardo Mulargia)
Cinematography: Ugo Brunelli [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Felice Di Stafano
Running time: 92 minutes

Gringo - Glenn Saxson (Roel Bos)
Carmen - Lucretia Love (Lucrezia Love)
Bill - Aldo Berti
Don Pedro - Livio Lorenzon
Mexico - Pedro Sanchez (Ignazio Spalla)
Smith - Mark Stevens (Pasquale Simeoli)
Jack - Spartaco Battisti
Foster - Dino Strano
sheriff - Armando Guarineri
with: Bill Jackson (Vincenzo Musolino), Tom Felleghy (Tamás Fellegi), Livio Lorenzon, Nino Musco, Alfredo Rizzo, Ivan Scratuglia, Dino Strano

An outlaw named Mexico and five other men escape from prison. Among them is a man called Gringo who was in jail accused of the murder of his brother which he did not commit. Once free they flee together and reach the town a town where a carnival is taking place. When they are recognized the take a dancer named Carmen hostage. Gringo tries to protect her but he is left in the desert all alone. The bandits rob a mail-coach and kill the guards but Gringo continues to pursue them. He eventually is able to find the real murderer and prove his innocence. At the same time he captures the five men he escaped with and turns them in and collects the rewards on their heads.


  1. Haven't seen this one in awhile; but, I recall having really enjoyed it.
    Perhaps I should watch it again this weekend!

  2. Never seen it. A shame, Roel is a fellow Dutchman

  3. I only saw Glenn Saxson in "Django Shoots First". I have not seen him in "God With God, Gringo".