Sunday, April 3, 2011


O Pistoleiro e os Bárbaros - Brazilian title
Get Mean (Time Breaker) - Dutch title
Dynamiittimies - Finnish title
Pendez-le par les pieds - French title
Time Breaker - German title
O leon tis Romis - Greek title
Con el sol en los ojo y la pistola en la mano - Spanish title
Get Mean the Dynamite Man - English title
Beat a Dead Horse - English title
Vengeance of the Barbarians - English title
Get Mean - U.S.A. title

A 1975 U.S.A., Italian co-production [Cee Note, A Strange Films Production (Rome)]
Producer: Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)
Director: Ferdinando Baldi
Story: Ferdinando Baldi, Lloyd Battista, Wolf Lowenthal
Screenplay: Ferdinando Baldi, Lloyd Battista, Wolf Lowenthal
Cinematography: Mario Perino [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Bixio (Franco Bixio), Frizzi (Fabio Frizzi), Tempera (Vincenzo Tempera)
Running time: 87 minutes

‘The Stranger’ - Tony Anthony (Roger Petitto)
Sombra - Lloyd Battista
Princess Elizabeth Maria - Diana Lorys (Anna Vega)
Diego - Raf Baldassarre (Rafaelle Baldassarre)
Sombra’s henchman - David Dreyer (David Petitto)
gypsy girl - Mirta Miller (Mirta Chatard)
Viking - Sherman ‘Big Train’ Bergman
with: Raul Castro

A drifting cowboy is offered $50,000 in gold to deliver a princess to her native Spain. Arriving in Spain the princess and the cowboy are caught between two warring factions who are fighting over a fortune of hidden treasure. Princess Elizabeth turns out to be the only one who knows where the fortune is located. When Diego’s forces win they take Elizabeth captive and leave ‘The Stranger’ dangling on a rope by his heels. With the help of a gypsy girl ‘The Stranger’ manages to infiltrate Diego’s fortress and duels with Sombra, Diego’s arms expert. Finally having enough ‘The Stranger’ gets mean and destroys the fortress with guns, dynamite and a surprise for Diego. In so doing he’s able to single-handedly able to destroy the fortress and uncover the treasure.

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Here's a link to a short behind the scenes video taken by Tony Anthony's then girlfriend, during the filming of "Get Mean"


  1. Biltmore: Anyone have any pictures of Sherman Bergman either from the film or from time period?

  2. If you blink! You'll miss him! LOL!

  3. Anyone know where I can find this film?