Thursday, April 7, 2011

The Girl of the Golden West

Una signora dell’ovest - Italian title
Carovana - Italian title
Kawawane - Austrian title
La dame de l’ouest - French title
Das Madchen aus dem goldenen Western - German title
The Girl of the Golden West - English title

A 1942 Italian production [Scalera Film (Rome)]
Producer: Franco Magli
Director: Carlo Koch (Carl Koch)
Story: “The Girl of the Golden West” by David Belasco
Screenplay: Carlo Koch (Carl Koch), Lotte Reiniger (Charlotte Reiniger)
Cinematography: Ubaldo Arata [black & white]
Music: Mario Nascimbene
Running time: 85 minutes

Arriana/Ariene - Isa Pola (Maria di Montesano)
Samuel Butler - Michel Simon (Francois Simon)
William Evans - Rossano Brazzi
Madge Curtiss - Valentina Cortese (Valentina Rossi-Coenzo)
Diego Carras - Renzo Merusi
Butler’s dependant - Carlo Duse
with: Carlo Bressan, Vittorio Duse, Cesare Fantoni, Giovanni Onorato, Corrado De Cenzo, Oreste Fares, Toscano Giuntini, Nicola Maldacea, Augusto Marcacci, Amina Pirani Maggi (Anameia Maggi), Cesare Polesello, Corrado Racca, Leni Vecellio (Elena Vecellio)

                                           [A young Rozzano Brazzi]

Arianna, an actress in a variety show, along with fellow actor Diego Carras, start on a journed traveling to the West in search of new employment opportunities, the two join a wagon train, organized and led by a wealthy rancher named William Evans.

The wagon train leader takes Arianna and Diego to Butler a large landowner, who grants them the use of an old abandoned mine. Butler turns out to be a troubled individual who kills Diego, then tries to pin suspicion for the murder on rancher Evans.

Arianna succumbs to Butler’s flattery, not suspecting that he was the murderer of Diego. Years later she learns the tragic truth and in vain searches for William who in the meantime has married, leaving Arianna to live her life in solitude.

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