Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Montgomery Clark

Dante Posani was an Italian film actor who had a brief 15 film career from 1961 to 1974. He was part of a younger group of Italian actors which also included Giulino Gemma and Terence Hill born in Italy sometime in the early 1940s. Posani was a supporting actor but unlike Gemma and Hill he did not achieve stardom like his contemporaries. Feeling Euro-westerns were below him and thinking it might hurt his career he used an alias in his only starring role in the genre when he was billed as Montgomery Cark in “Djurado”. He is remembered for his appearances in “Lucky, el intrépido” (1967), “The Leopard” (1963) and “Avenger X” (1967). He even tried his hand as a singer releasing a 45 rpm record in 1965 titled “Dante Who?” which was released on a compilation album that same year entitled “To Our Friends”.

Nothing is known of his past prior to, during or after his film career. A wisp on the wind and another mysterious actor of the genre.

CLARK, Montgomery (Dante Posani) [Italian] – film actor, singer.
Djurado – 1966 (Djurado/Jim Golden Poker)

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