Friday, September 20, 2019

Spaghetti Western Trivia – Evangelist

After he left show business, he got involved in far-right-wing politics as an ultra-fundamentalist evangelical Christian preacher, railing against Jews and Catholics (calling them "impure Christians"). He became a travelling evangelist and the minister of a church in Prescott, AZ, where he also appeared in a 30-minute religious show, Going Home, that aired nationally three times a week on the Trinity Broadcasting Network.


Did you know that when you pledge to TBN your dollars are helping to produce over eleven brand new programs every week in addition to the current series the weekly production total is forty programs.
We now have programs being taped in California- Arizona -Florida- -and soon in Oklahoma -to meet your needs and the needs of every member of your family young and cld alike.
Look at some of the New Programs currently being produced and aired on YOUR Trinity Broadcasting Network.
From California
ORDINARY PEOPLE with Carol Hampton. COUNSELING & THERAPY with Dr Fred Gross. JEWISH ROOTS with Dr Roy Blizzard, GOOD N HAPPY with Howard & Vestel Goodman. ONE WAY GAME with Jim McCellan. THE BEST DAY OF YOUR LIFE with Marilyn Hickey
From Arizona
AFTERNOON PTl with Pastor Tommy Barnet. GOIN HOME with Ty Hardin
From Florida
LOVE SONG TO MESSIAH with Neil Lash. BEACH PREACH with Reggie Killough

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