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Voices of the Spaghetti Western ~ The Specialists (Drop Them or I'll Shoot)

As we know most of the Euro-westerns were co-productions from Italy, Spain, Germany and France which incorporated British and American actors to gain a worldwide audience. The films were shot silent and then dubbed into the various languages where they were sold for distribution. That means Italian, Spanish, German, French and English voice actors were hired to dub the films. Even actors from the countries where the film was to be shown were often dubbed by voice actors for various reasons such as the actors were already busy making another film, they wanted to paid additional salaries for dubbing their voices, the actor’s voice didn’t fit the character they were playing, accidents to the actors and in some cases even death before the film could be dubbed.

I’ll list a Euro-western and the (I) Italian, (S) Spanish, (G) German and (F) French, (E) English voices that I can find and once in a while a bio on a specific voice actor as in Europe these actors are as well-known as the actors they voiced.

Today we’ll cover “The Specialists” (Drop Them or I'll Shoot)
[(I) Italian, (S) Spanish, (G) German (F) French, (E) English]

Johnny Hallyday (I) Sergio Graziani, (S) Manuel Caño., (G) Gert Günther Hoffmann, (F) Johnny Hallyday
Mario Adorf (I) Aldo Giuffrè, (S) Joaquín Díaz (G) Mario Adorf, (F) Jacques Deschamps
Gastone Moschin (I) ?, (S) Felipe Peña,, (G) Martin Hirthe, (F) William Sabatier
Françoise Fabian (I) Fiorella Betti, (S)  Elsa Fábregas, (G) Beate Hasenau, (F) Françoise Fabian
Sylvie Fennec (I) Vittoria Febbi, (S) ?, (G) Eva-Maria Werth, (F) Sylvie Fennec
Angela Luce (I) ?, (S)  Maria Luisa Sola, (G) Tilly Lauenstein, (F) Paule Emanuele
Serge Marquand (I) Carlo Alighiero, (S) ? (G) Jürgen Thormann, (F) Serge Marquand
Gino Pernice (I) Oreste Lionello, (S) ? (G) Heinz Petruo, (F) ?


Jacques Deschamps was born in Montpellier, France on August 14, 1931in Montpellier, Hérault, France, He specialized in dubbing and was the French voice of Clint Eastwood in his early Westerns, the ‘Dollar Trilogy’ of Sergio Leone and that of Franco Nero in “Django” and  Lee Van Cleef in “The Big Gundown”. Deschamps was also the voice of Robert Stack in the TV series ‘The Untouchables’ and several of his films. He was also that of the king in “Cinderella” and King Triton in “The Little Mermaid” from the Disney Studios.

Jacques Deschamps died on September 6 , 2001in Pontoise, Val-d'Oise, France.

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