Friday, September 27, 2019

Spaghetti Western Trivia

Several U.S. studios tried to cash in on the Spaghetti western craze of the 1960s by combing portions of several television  episodes together and making a new film, sending it over, especially to Italy and marketing it as a full length film. Such was the case shown below of Clint Walker’s ‘Cheyenne’ TV series which was an hour length television series back in the States. It wouldn’t be hard to edit two episodes together and release it as “The Adventures of Cheyenne Bill”. Don Megowan appeared on Cheyenne, along with the billed Alan Hale and Whitney Blake in a 1957 episode called “Hired Gun”. Dennis Hopper and Dani Crane appeared in a 1957 episode called “The Iron Trail. The two episodes were edited into the “The Adventures of Cheyenne Bill”.

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