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Who Are Those Composers ~ Marcello Giombini

Marcello Giombini was born in Rome, Italy on July 8, 1928. His father was a music professor who specialized in the Oboe who also played in orchestras. Marcello followed his father in his love of music as a young man and was an organist in severl of Rome's churches, and he also conducted musicologist and philologist activities attending Roman libraries. For example, he is an edition of the Representation de Anima et de Corpo by Emilio de 'Cavalieri.

Giombini was also the director of the Choir of the Roman Philharmonic Academy, with whom he recorded Renaissance music records also for the famous History of Music edited by the RCA Italiana under the direction of Cesare Valabrega.

Giombini was also a composer of secular music and film music composing over100 film scores as well as being interested in electronic music. He was especially prolific in the genre of the “Spaghetti western” and he was a "pioneer" in Italy of the electronic music.

He has a son, Pierluigi Giombini, is known as one of the most famous composer of "Italo Disco" during the 1980s.

In the last years of his life, Giombini was engaged in a project to record 150 new psalms, drawing inspiration from the contemporary music scene (Celtic, new age ...).

Marcello Giombini died on December 12, 2003 in Assisi, Italy.

GIOMBINI, Marcello (aka K.Bytes, Marcel Giombrini, Marcus Griffin, Pluto Kennedy, Plutokennedy) [7/24/1928, Rome, Lazio, Italy – 12/12/2003, Assisi, Umbria, Italy] – composer, conductor, songwriter, married to ? father of composer, musician Pierluigi Giombini [1956-    ], actress Claudia Giombini, Davide Giombini.
Dollars for a Fast Gun – 1965
The Relentless Four – 1965 (co)
Death Walks in Laredo* - 1966
For a Few Dollars Less – 1966
$100,000 for Lassiter - 1966
Ballad of a Gunman* - 1967
Dead Men Don’t Count – 1968
Go for Broke - 1968
Garringo - 1969
Sabata* - 1970
The Bandit Malpelo – 1971
Holy Water Joe - 1971
Return of Sabata* - 1971
They Believed He Was No Saint - 1972
Dallas – 1974

*Available on CD

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