Saturday, September 1, 2018

New Book Release

Pierre-Brice-Edition Über Nacht war ich Winnetou! - 1960er Jahre - Dreharbeiten der Karl-May-Filme

Author: Hella Brice
Publisher: Pierre-Brice-Archive
Language: German
Pages: 224
ISBN-10: 3780231018
ISBN-13: 978-3780231017
Available September 1, 2018

This book is a true treasure for all film fans: Three years after the death of her husband Pierre Brice, his wife Hella exhibits over 50 years of protected and largely unpublished private photographic material of the Winnetou actor, created during the shooting the Winnetou films , These shots are complemented by numerous other photos from the Winnetou films, including personal letters, postcards, contracts and agreements. Personal Documents of Pierre Brice 'round oout this unique collection of memorabilia about one of the most popular actors of the past 55 years.

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