Friday, September 14, 2018

50th Anniversary of the premier of the Taste of Death

On September 14, 1968 “Quanto costa morire” (The Cost of Death), directed by Sergio Merolle and starring John Ireland and Andrea Giordana premiered in Rome, Italy.

In the mountains of the Far West a gang of cattle rustlers led by Scaife are blocked by the heavy and deep snow that obstructs the pass that they need to cross with their stolen herd. Prevented from continuing their march, the bandits decide to spend the winter in a nearby village, where they tree the town. The inhabitants, after the elimination of the ex-sheriff, who had tried to combat the rowdy behavior of the "invaders", are forced to suffer abuse and oppression with no chance to react. The citizens are forced into hard labor and subjected to slavery and any objections are met with indiscriminate killings, the young adopted son of the late ex-sheriff, wants to avenge the death of his stepfather. He escapes and takes refuge in the woods, where he conducts surprise attacks and ambushes against the invaders, the young rebel finds unexpected support from one of the bandits Dan El who, being his real father, but not by being recognized as such, provides sufficient technical advice and recommendations. Having freed the brave citizens they join him and the young man forces a confrontation during which the gang of criminals are killed. Dan El forces a showdown with Scaife and in a shootout both are killed.

The film took in 111.56 million lire.

Quanto costa morire – Italian title
Les colts brillent au soleil – French title
Le prix de la mort – French title
De colts schitteren in de zon – Belgium title
De colts schitteren in de zon – Brazilian title
Den tha meini kaneis zontanos – Greek title
Cuanto cuesta morir – Spanish title
Kar yollari kapadi – Turkish title
The Cost of Dying – English title
A Taste of Death – English title

A 1968 Italian, French co-production [Cine Azimut (Rome), Les Films Coronoa (Paris)]
Producers: Robert Dorfmann, Enzo Merolle
Director: Sergio Merolle
Story: Biagio Proietti
Screenplay: Biagio Proietti
Cinematography: Benito Frattari [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Francesco De Masi
Song: “Who is the Man?” sung by Raoul (Ettore Lovecchio)
Running time: 92 minutes

Dan El/Ralph – John Ireland
Tony – Andrea Giordana
Bill Ransom – Raymond Pellegrin (Raymond Pellegrini)
Ransom’s daughter – Betsy Bell
Scaife/Skede – Bruno Corazzari
Barkeeper - Fulvio Pellegrino
Tony’s friend - Giovanni Petrucci
Scaife’s/Skede’s woman - Mireille Granelli
Scaife’s/Skede’s henchman - Sergio Scarchilli, Claudio Scarchilli
With: Giovanni Petrucci, Ruggero Chessa, Giuseppe Altamura

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