Monday, June 23, 2014


Dos veces Judas – Spanish title
Due volte giuda – Italian title
Duas Vezes Traidor - Brazilian title
Deux fois traître – French title
Zweimal Judas – German title
Kugeln tragen keine Unterschrift – German title
Zwei x Judas – German title
Dyo fores prodotis – Greek title
Duas Vezes Traidor - Portuguese title
Den djävulska hämnaren – Swedish title
Shoot Twice – English title
They Were Called Graveyard – English title
Twice a Judas – English title 

A 1968 Spanish, Italian co-production [Balcázar Producciones Cinematográficas (Barcelona), Colt Porduzioni Cinematografiche, Medusa Produzione (Rome)]
Producer: Luis Marin
Director: Nando Cicero (Fernando Cicero)
Story: Jaime Jesus Balcazar
Screenplay: Jaime Jesús Balcázar
Cinematography: Francisco Marin (Francisco Herrada) [Eastmancolor, CinemaScope]
Music: Carlos Pes
Running time: 96 minutes
Luke Barrett – Antonio Sabato
Dingus/Victor Barrett – Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)
Betty/Ragaza – Cristina Galbó (Cristina Sánchez)
Doctor Russell – Pepe Calvo (José Salgado)
Mrs. Barrett – Emma Baron (Emma Barbon)
Donovan – Franco Leo
Sheriff – Damián Rabal
Mac Calhoun – Carlos Ronda
Murphy - Narciso Ibáñez Menta
Carson - Franco Beltramme
Madame – Linda Sini (Ermelinda Siniscalchi)
Mac Calhoun's daughter - Maite Matalonga
Jonathan - José Palomo (José Jiménez)
With: Claudia Rivelli, Ettore Bruson, Milo Quesada (Raúl Alonso), Gastone Pescucci, Giancarlo Pulone (Giovanni Pulone), Gaetano Scala, Nino Nini, Antoniettta Fiorrito, Giuseppe Sciacqua, Sergio De Vecchi, Ettore Broschi

Luke Barrett who’s lost his memory after a few blows, finds out he’s been hired by a gunman who’s made him a proposition to shoot a certain Dingus. At the time of the attack, Luke arrives in time to prevent a killing and saves her life and kills the assassin. Subsequently, however, in trying to reconstruct his identity, he learns the truth about Dingus: he’s, the son of an Indian woman, but grew up in the home of Barrett, he’s killed Susan, the wife of Luke, and his brother Victor, thus allowing him to use the Barrett name and taking control of all their assets. Luke, decided to ask for an explanation from Dingus, he goes to his ranch where he finds Russel the old family doctor, who confirms the whole truth. Dingus fearing the vengeance of Luke tries to kill him but is killed instead.
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