Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Happy 55th Birthday Tatiana Filip

Tatiana Filip was born on June 24, 1959 in Bucharest, Romania. At 16 years of age when she was in high school she was into music and singing with Mircea Diaconu in a singing group. He recommended her to director Dan Pita, and that maybe because of her freckles, he chose her for the role of June, the main female role and girlfriend of Romulus Brad played by Mircea Diaconu in Romanian in the three Transylvania westerns. During the filming there was a piano on set and she was studying Bach and Beethoven for her exams. Tania says that she had she received support from her colleagues. "I was the baby of the band, and they took care of me but also teased me slightly. Then I entered the Faculty of Theatre and they became colleagues. I grew up as less-than them. At only 19 years of age Leana made her debut at the National Theatre in Bucharest with “Hagi Tudose” show conducted by Ion Cojar having as partner Constantin Rautchi, a magnificent actor.
Today with a Ph.D. she is a Professor at the National University of Theatre and Film and Director of Master where she likes to work with young future actors, which hopefully will lead them to a career in acting. Tatiana married the foreign ambassador Dan Ghibernea [1954- ] the couple have a daughter Alexandra [1979- ].
Today we celebrate Tatiana Filip’s 55th birthday.

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