Tuesday, June 10, 2014

New Euro-western Film Premier

Se il mondo intorno crepa – Italian title
If the World Dies – English title
A 2013 Italian production [MM Productions s.r.l.,(Rome)]
Producer: Ludovica Pennisi
Director: Emiliano Ferrera, Stefano Jacurti
Story: Stefano Jacurti
Screenplay: Tina Pennisi
Cinematography: Alberto Marchiori [color]
Music: Fabrizio Sartini, Klaus Veri
Running time:  40 minutes
Butcher Joe - Simone Pieroni
Black Burt - Stefano Jacurti
Sheila - Emanuela Ponzano
Jessie- Sebastiano Vento
Bill Carson - Emiliano Ferrera
Undertaker - Piero Sponze
Saloon girls - Graziana Bellofiore, Stefania Perniconi
Saloon patrons - Alberto di Giorgio, Gabriele Ciarelli, Nick Tagliaferri (Nicola Tagliaferri)
Sheriff – Marco Belocchi
Deputy Sheriff – Giovanni Bufalini
Jack - Claudio Vitturini
Wes – Antonio Rocco
Bobby West – Fabrizio Sartini
Cowgirl - Antonella Salvucci
With: Willy Stella, ‘Western Spirit’

Black Burt has reunited with Butcher Joe for a bloody ride. The two are heading for a ghost town before going to Mexico. There they find a woman and their past comes back to haunt them as fate has reserved for the pair something very different.
YouTube trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=szWY6glatgY


  1. Howdy friend! thanks for New Euro western film premier! :)
    there is a little mistake: "IS KLAUS VERI"- NOT KLAUS TRUE" Can you correct? Thanks a lot! :)

  2. Sorry for the mistake Stefano. Correction made. Best of luck with the film and continued success on keeping the Western alive and well.

  3. thanks a lot friend! :) together for western alive and well! :)

  4. news! "Se il mondo intorno crepa"- "If the world dies"
    is the best foreign western-
    Gathering International Film Festival- Hudson- Ohio Usa! :)