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20,000 dólares por un cadáver – Spanish title
Veinte mi dolares por un cadaver – Spanish title
20000 dollars pour un cadaver – French title
Prendi la Colt e prega il padre tuo – Italian title
Ehi Gringo... Scendi dalla croce – Italian title
$20,000 for Every Corpse – English title
A 1969 Spanish production [Procensa (Madrid)]
Producer: H. Santabal Valdes
Director: Peter Harrison/J.M. Zabalza (José Maria Zabalza)
Story: Peter Harrison (José Maria Zabalza)
Screenplay: Peter Harrison (José Maria Zabalza)
Cinematography: Leopold Masterville (Leopoldo Villaseñor) [Eastmancolor, Techniscope]
Music: Ana Satrova, Gianni Marchetti
Running time: 81 minutes
Bruce/Glenn/Dale Brice – Michael Rivers (Miguel de la Riva)
Helen/Jenny/Dolly Brice – Barbara Carson (Dyanik Zurakowska)
Red Baldwin/Burkett – F. S. Polack (Fernando Sánchez Polack)
Ralston - José Truchado
Barber – José Marcos (José Marco)
Sheriff – Juan Cortés
Outlaw – Ramón Lillo
Barman – Carlos Lucas
With: Guillermo Méndez, Javier Rivera (Javier de Rivera), Enrique Navarro, César Garcia, Ricardo Costa, Rod Stewart, Richard Clark

Dale Brais, owner of a small farm, kills Red Baldwin in self-defense, a dangerous individual with a $20,000 bounty on his head. Baldwin is the head of a gang of saboteurs praying on the railroad which is being built. Contrary to the suggestions of his wife Helen, who prefer poverty to wealth and the dangers of revenge which could result in collecting the bounty. Dale disagrees and decides to bring the corpse of Baldwin, into town and collect the reward. The sheriff suggests to Dale that he and Helen leave the country to avoid the retaliation of Baldwin’s gang. Dale before he can escape is robbed by a bandit named Ralston of the entire sum of the reward. Determined to get the money back, Dale puts together a group of volunteers willing to put an end to the frequent incursions of Ralston and his henchmen, which not only burned the farm of Bruce but also stole the payroll of the workers of the railway. After repeated clashes, Dale with the help of the sheriff eliminates the gang and restores peace in the area.

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