Tuesday, June 17, 2014

New book release by Brett Halsey

Young, pretty and pregnant, Ana accidentally kills her abusive husband, Mike. She and her boyfriend, Dick, hide Mike's remains in the grave of Mike's first wife. Their scheme is unearthed when the county decides to dig up the old graveyard to make way for a new highway. This dilemma sets in motion a series of betrayals, illicit sex, and more unintended murders...
A GRAVE MISUNDERSTANDING is a dark, fast-paced thriller that takes place in and around a second-rate tourist chalet, high in a secluded mountain valley.  Ana is pregnant when she accidentally kills her drunken husband. She and her boyfriend Dick hide the husband’s body in the grave of his first wife.
Dick and Ana’s life goes on without any major problems, until seven years later their fool-proof scheme is almost unearthed when the county decides to relocate the graveyard in order to build a new highway.
This development turns their world up-side-down, and sets in motion a mess of unintended bloody murders, treachery, madness, and illicit sexual encounters.

GOLDEN GLOBE winning Actor-Author BRETT HALSEY is known for his award winning novels, THE MAGNIFICENT STRANGERS, YESTERDAY'S CHILDREN and MY SOUL TO KEEP. He has starred in big-budget Hollywood films, European Horror movies, Spaghetti Westerns and Spy films, as well as dozens of television shows, and three daytime soap operas.
Author Brett Halsey
Published by Abuzz Press
Paperback: 242 pages
ISBN-10: 1632639211
ISBN-13: 978-1632639219
Released June 15, 2014

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