Monday, June 23, 2014

Happy 60th Birthday Monika Woyotowicz

Monika Woytowicz was born on June 23, 1944 in Barth, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. After graduation Woytowicz attended actor training at the Drama School Leipzig from 1961-1965
Monika Woytowicz appeared in roles in DDR movies, as well as in the television series ‘Sachsens Glanz und Preußens Gloria’ (1983-1984) until she moved in 1983 to West Germany and there continued her television and film career. She was in the television series ‘Tatort’, ‘Liebling Kreuzberg’, ‘Siska’, ‘Ein Fall für zwei’, ‘Die Schwarzwaldklinik’, ‘Hotel Paradies’, ‘Anna Maria – Eine Frau geht ihren Weg’ and ‘Klinik unter Palmen’.
In addition, as a theater actress she played in Munich, Leipzig and Cologne, went on tour, organized readings, recitations and solo programs. From 1985 to 1987 she played the tragic role of Henny Schildknecht in the produced by the Geißendörfer film and television production for WDR ‘Lindenstraße’ which was very popular in Germany as a whole. Her daughter Ina Bleiweiß [1968- ] has played the role of Marion Beimer in ‘Lindenstraße’ from 1985 to 1995. In the series Liebling Kreuzberg Woytowicz (1997) she played the girlfriend of Robert Lovely (Manfred Krug), which deceived her husband.
Monika appeared in two Euro-westerns: “Osceola” – 1971 as Peggy Kerry and “Kit & Co.” (1974) as Lucille Arral.
She was married to the director Celino Bleiweiß [1938- ], of which she divorced in 2005. In 2003 Monika developed the skin disease vasculitis. She now lives in Bogenhausen and has retired from the film and television business since 2005 and since then holds readings, paints and wants to concentrate mainly on her family.
Today we celebrate Monika Woytowicz’s 70th birthday.

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