Sunday, June 29, 2014

Remembering Herman Hoffman

Herman Hoffman was born on June 29, 1909 in Montgomery, Alabama. A filmmaker and screenwriter Herman Hoffman worked for MGM from 1934 through the early 1970s, getting his start making promos for features films. Hoffman made his feature film directorial bow with “The MGM Story” (1950). In addition to features, Hoffman was also noted for his documentaries, particularly such Academy Award-nominated documentaries as “The Hoaxters” (1952) and “The Battle of Gettysburg” (1955). As a director, he frequently worked closely with producer Dore Schary. After leaving MGM in the 1970s, Hoffman went on to direct television episodes.
Hoffman is known to Euro-western fans as the writer of 1968’s “Guns of the Magnificent Seven” starring George Kennedy and Michael Ansara.
Herman died of pneumonia in Laguna Hill, California on March 26, 1989.
Today we remember Herman Hoffman on what would have been his 105th birthday

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