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El triunfo de un hombre Hamado Caballo – Spanish title
Triumphs of a Man Called Horse – U.S.A. title
O Triunfo de um Homem Chamado Cavalo – Brazilian title
Triumphs of a Man Called Horse – U.S.A. title
Mustien vuorten kulta – Finnish title
Le triomphe d'un homme nommé cheval – French title
Triumph des Mannes, den sie Pferd nannten – German title
A fehér törzsfőnök – Hungarian title
Shunka Wakan – Italian title
Triunfo do homem chamado cavalo – Portuguese title
Horse’s triumph – Swedish title
Triumphs of a Man Called Horse – English title
A 1982 Spanish, Mexican, U.S.A. co-production [Media-Hesperia (Madrid), Sandy Howard Productions (Hollywood), Redwing-Transpacific (Mexico City)]
Producer: Derek Gibson
Director: John Hough
Story: Jack DeWitt
Screenplay: Ken Blackwell, Carlos Aured (Carlos Alonso)
Cinematography: John Alcott, John Cabrera (John Puig) (CFI Color)
Music: George Garvarentz (Georges Garvarentz)
Running time: 86 minutes
John Morgan/Man Called Horse – Richard Harris
Koda – Michael Beck (John Taylor)
Redwing – Ana De Sade
Captain Cummings – Vaughn Armstrong
Elk Woman – Anne Seymour (Anne Eckert)
Sergeant Bridges – Buck Taylor (Walter Taylor III)
Gance – Simón Andreu (Simón Trobat)
Perkins – Lautaro Murúa
Durand – Roger Cudney
Winslow – Gerry Gatlin (Gerald Gatlin)
Mason – John Chandler
Big Bear – Miguel Ángel Fuentes
Mullins – Sebastian Ligarde (Amedee Mayaudon)
Essie – Erika Carlson
Dorothy – Anaís de Melo
Eye of the Bull – Regino Herrera
Old Woman – Jacqueline Evans (Grace Evans)
Man in the crowd – Mike Moroff (Miguel Burciaga)
Chicago Pete – Walter Wyatt
Bob Simpson – Mike H. McGaughy
Sioux squaws – Patricia Páramo, Vicki Pérez
Stunts: Peter Cox, Cliff Happy, Marguerite Hapy, Raúl Martínez (Raúl Yanez), Yolanda Ponce, Larry Randles, David Rodgers, Ben Scott, Joe Stone, Greg Walker

An Englishman named John Morgan, has lived for 30 years as a Sioux as a Man Called Horse. In 1874, gold is discovered in the Black Hills, on tribal land guaranteed to the Sioux by the Laramie Treaty of 1868. Settlers pour in and White provocateurs try to prompt the Sioux to break the treaty (so that all-out war with the US forces will result in the land no longer being under Sioux control). They murder and make it look like Indians were responsible. Man Called Horse helps maintain calm among the tribe, but when tragedy befalls him, it's left to his son Koda and Koda's lover, a Crow named Red Wing, to devise a strategy to keep the miners at bay and the Black Hills sacred.
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