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Winchester Bill – Spanish title
Voltati… ti uccido – Italian title
Billy... O Sanguinário – Brazilian titleUn fusil pour seux Colts – French title
100.000 ver dammte Dollar – German title
Blutiges Gold – German title
7 sfaires gia ton serifi – Greek title
Dyo keravnoi tou Texas – Greek title
I teleftaia monomahia – Greek title
Quero matar-te de frente – Portuguese titleIf One is Born a Swine – English title
Turn… I’ll Kill You – English title
A 1967 Spanish, Italian co-production [Hispamer Film, (Madrid), Rhodes Internacional Film(Rome)]
Producer: María Ángel Coma Borrás
Director: Al Bradley (Alfonso Breccia)
Story: María del Carmen Martínez Román, Preston Leonide (Renato Polselli)
Screenplay: María del Carmen Martínez Román, Preston Leonide (Renato Polselli)
Cinematography: Alfonso Nieva [Eastmancolor, Overscope 70)
Music: General Music of Rome
Running time: 82 minutes
Bob/Billy Walsh/Winchester Bill – Richard Wyler (Richard Stapley)
El Bicho/’the Bug’ – Fernando Sancho (Fernando Les)
Ted Shore/Shaw – Conrado San Martin (Conrado Prieto)
Sam Wilton – Spean Convery (Spartaco Conversi)
Sugar Kane – Luc Rosat (Lucio Rosato)
Tom Davis – Ric Burton, Jr. (Massimo Carocci)
Sheriff – Luis Induni (Luigi Radici)
Shopkeeper – Franco Pesce (Francesco Pesce)
Oldest Davis Brother – Max Dean (Massimo Righi)
Barkeep – Rafael Hernández (Esteban Herrero)
Shore/Shaw henchmen – Paolo Magalotti, Claudio Ruffini
With: Rufino Inglés (Rufino Garcia)

Ted, an unscrupulous adventurer, is able to take over, with the help of the outlaw El Bicho and his band, almost all the existing gold mines in a region of New Mexico. Sam, an old pioneer and owner of an active mine in an attempt to resist the pressures of Ted, hires a young gunslinger named Billy Walsh. Realizing the impossibility of dealing alone with his opponents, Billy decides to play a trick and put Ted and El Bicho against one another. In agreement with Sam, he offers two accomplices separately a share of the deed of the mine with the possibility of huge profits in the short term. The clash between El Bicho and his band on one side and Ted and his men on the other is inevitable. The two factions end up annihilating each other. At this point, nothing would seem to oppose the peaceful exploitation of the mine by the old Sam. But an unexpected event occurs: Billy, inspecting the mine, discovers the corpse of a man, his partner Sam, who mysteriously disappeared some time ago and he realizes that Sam is the murderer. Sam then tries to kill Billy, but the stick of dynamite with which he is going to kill Billy with slips out between his hands and kills him.

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