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I gemelli del Texas – Italian title
Los gemelos del Texas – Spanish title
Texas Twins – English title
The Twins from Texas – English title
A 1964 Italian, Spanish co-production [Cineproduzione Emo Bistolfi (Rome), Fénix Cooperativa
Cinematográfica Feni Cooperative (Madrid)]
Producer: Emo Bistolfi
Director: Steno
Story: Santos Alcocer, Giulio Scarnicci, Renzo Tarabusi
Cinematography: Manuel Hernández Sanjuán [Eastmancolor]
Music: Gianni Ferrio
Running time: 89 minutes
Ezekial/Joe – Walter Chiari (Walter Annichiarico)
Jonathan Bullivan/Kid – Raimondo Vianello
Fanny – Diana Lorys (Anna Vega)
Malanza/Mackenzie – Alfonso Rojas (Alfonso Melquíades)
Arnold – Miguel del Castillo
Malanza/Mackenzie’s mother – Liana del Bazo (Eliana del Bazo)
Dominique – Carmen Esbrí
Betty – Marta May (Maria Ávila)
Señora Floto - Josefina Serratosa (Josefina Pereira)
Jeff – Tito García (Pablo González)
Madame Duval – Franca Polesello
Mike – Arnold Rao (Umberto Raho)
Undertaker – Joaquín Pamplona
Captain Lister - Guillermo Méndez
With: Bruno Scipioni, Eugenio Galadini

During an attack on a stagecoach by bandits, two sets of twins still in diapers are seperated. Two of the kids, are taken by an officer; the other two, by a bandit. After a few years, the adopted children of the officer become journalists, the other two wanted bandits. The latter are responsible for attempt to eliminate the two reporters, but the similarity leads to misunderstandings that upset the intended crime.

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