Saturday, June 28, 2014

Spaghetti Western Locations

We continue our search for film locations for “Texas Addio” (aka “The Avenger”). After disposing of the eight bandits who have surprised them when the Sullivan brothers had discovered the dead body of the girl from the tavern Burt and Jim ride on until till the stop at an old man’s hut. They inquire if he is Manuel Vargas which he acknowledges he is. Burt asks about Cisco Delgado but has to pay the old man for his help. Vargas leads them to a wagon carrying four women and escorted by five men. He tells Burt the women are Delgado’s prisoners and to go with the men but do not ask any questions. The two brothers fall into line and follow the wagon through the barren countryside.

This area is called the Sierra Alhamilla and is a natural area located northwest of Almeria

For a more detailed view of this site and other Spaghetti Western locations please visit my friend Yoshi Yasuda’s location site:

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