Wednesday, August 7, 2013

RIP Toni Secchi

Italian cinematographer Antonio Secchi died June 6, 2013 in Zoanno Ponte di Legno, Brescia, Italy. After studying at high school Andrea Doria, he participated as a partisan of the Italian resistance in World War II in the division of Tito Speri, delle Fiamme, fighting in the Battle of the Mortirolo (April 19, 1944) and was wounded. After the war he joined FC's Tradate, where he was a goalkeeper, playing in the C series
He began his film career in 1946 as a camera operator of newsreels, and was a cinematographer for the first time in the film “Morte di un amico” (1959). Using such aliases as Tony Dry and Toni Secchi he was a cinematographer on six Euro-westerns: “Blood for a Siver Dollar” (1965) with Giuliano Gemma, “The Hills Run Red” (1966) with Thomas Hunter and Dan Duryea, “A Bullet for the General” also 1966 with Gian Maria Volonte and Lou Castel, “Wanted” (1967) again with Gemma, “Death Sentence” also 1967 with Tomas Milian, Richard Conte and Enrico Maria Salerno. In 1972 he wrote and direct “Panhandle Calber .38” Scott Holden and Keenan Wynn.
Secchi worked with such esteemed directors as Giuseppe de Santis, Renato Castellani, Florestan Vancini, Damiano Damiani, John Huston, Alessandro Blasetti, Pupi Avati.

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