Friday, August 16, 2013

Guest Who I Am

I’m an American actor born in San Francisco in 1928.
I appeared in over 70 films and TV appearances.
I committed suicide over the loss of a woman and the decline in my career in 1971.
Guess who I am.

Both gafer and Llewellyn H. correcty named Frank Wolff as this week's photo.


  1. Frank Wolf
    Llewellyn H.

  2. Correct you are Llewellyn and garfer it's Frank Wolff.

  3. The tragic Frank Wolff. At the age of 43, he divorced his wife after an affair with a Greek woman and it was soon discovered that she was married to Mario Brega. That same year, 1971, Frank Wolff auditioned for the part of Blindman but was turned down because of his looks and weight. Later that night, Wolff put a gun to his head and pulled the trigger. He was found dead by director Sergio Leone and actor Tony Anthony. Frank Wolff was an incredible actor.

  4. I would like to make a correction on Frank Wolff's suicide. Ten years ago when I was on here, I said that Frank Wolff shot himself. I was wrong. Frank actually slashed his own throat with a razor he kept in a shoebox and bled out. He was 43 years old.