Friday, August 9, 2013

New Film Release

Gold – International title
A 2013 German, Canadian co-production [Schramm Film, Bayerischer Rundfunk, ARD/Degeto, Westdeutscher Rundfunk, Arte (Cologne), Red Cedar Films (Vancouver)]
Producers:  Florian Koerner von Gustorf, Michael Weber
Director: Thomas Arslan
Story: Thomas Arslan
Screenplay: Thomas Arslan
Cinematography: Patrick Orth [color]
Music: Dylan Carlson
Running time: 113 minutes
Wilhelm Laser – Peter Kurth
Joseph Rossman - Lars Rudolph
Gustav Muller – Uwe Bohm
Emily Meyer - Nina Hoss
Carl Böhmer - Marko Mandic
Otto Dietz – Wolfgang Packhäuser
Maria Dietz - Rosa Enskat
Indian - Kindall Charters
Gold miner - Attila Kállai
Road cutter - Brendan Bailey
Stunts: Rene Lay

Top-hatted blowhard Wilhelm Laser leads seven compatriots as they set off from Ashcroft, Canada’s northernmost railway terminus, in the summer of 1898. Among the party are cautious and capable Emily, from Bremen by way of Chicago, eager to make a new life for herself; Joseph Rossman, a banjo-playing father of four determined to escape poverty for the sake of his family; and obnoxious, whisky-slugging journalist Gustav Muller. They’re supported by cooks Otto and Maria Dietz, who drive the covered wagon, and packer Carl Boehmer, an experienced horse wrangler and the only one with a real notion of the enormous hardships they will face.
As the days go by and they ride deeper into the harsh wilderness of the hinterland, it becomes clear that Laser’s promise of an easy six-week journey was just one of many lies. While uncertainty, exhaustion and accidents take their toll on the travelers, Emily and Boehmer draw closer together, quietly impressed by the qualities they observe in one another. Meanwhile, Arslan adds another layer of who-will-make-it suspense with the presence of two menacing men who are on Boehmer’s trail.

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