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The Hunting Party - U.K. title
Krvavi Lov - Czechoslovakian title
Les charognards - French title
Leise weht der wind des Todes - German title
Il giorno dei lunghi fucili - Italian title
Polowanie - Polish title
Caza implacable - Spanish title
De Jagade - Swedish title
The Killers Pack - U.S.A. title
The Hunting Party - U.S.A. title

A 1972 British production [Brighton Pictures (London)]
Producer: Lou Morheim (Louis Morheim)
Director: Don Medford (Donald Muller)
Story: Lou Morheim (Louis Morheim), Gilbert Alexander (Gilbert Ralston)
Screenplay: Lou Morheim (Louis Morheim)
Cinematography: Cecilio Paniagua (Cecilio Rodriguez) [DeLuxe color, widescreen]
Music: Riz Ortolani (Riziero Ortolani)
Running time: 111 minutes

Frank Calder - Oliver Reed (Robert Reed)
Melissa Ruger - Candice Bergen
Brand Ruger - Gene Hackman (Eugene Hackman)
Matthew Gunn - Simon Oakland
Doc Harrison - Mitch Ryan (Mitchell Ryan)
Hog Warren - L.Q. Jones (Justice McQueen)
Jim Loring - William Watson
Sam Bayard - G.D. Spradlin (Gervais Duran Spradlin)
Crimp - Rayford Barnes
Watt Nelson - Ronald Howard
Buford King - Bernard Kay
Mario - Eugenio Escudero Garcia
Owney Clark - Ritchie Adams (Richard Adams)
Collins - Dean Selmier
cowboys - Carlos Bravo (Ramon Bravo), Bud Strait
sheriff - Ralph Brown
teacher - Marian Collier
telegrapher - Max Slaten
Mexicans - Rafael Escudero Garcia, Marisa Tovar (Maria Tovar)
priest - Emilio Rodrigues Guiar
redhead - Sara Atkinson (Sarah Atkinson)
Chinese - Francesca Tu
blonde - Lilibeth Solison
whores - Christine Larroude, Stephanie Pieritz

A rich and ruthless rancher named Brandt Ruger treats his beautiful young wife Melissa like a piece of property and subjects her to his will. After Ruger and a group of friends leave on a hunting trip Melissa is kidnapped by the famous outlaw Frank Calder. Frank wants to learn to read so he takes Melissa, a local school teacher, with him to teach him. Calder tells her, he doesn't know or care who's wife she is. He takes care of her well, and eventually Melissa falls in love with him. But when Ruger is told of the crime he feels humiliated. Full of hate and revenge, he sets out to kill Calder and Melissa too, if necessary. Together with his friends and their guns, equipped with the newest technology of high power and long distance capability of up to 800 yards, Ruger begins to eliminate the gang one by one until only Calder and Melissa remain.

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