Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday Carla Gravina

Carla Gravina was born on August 5, 1941 in Gemona, Friuli-Venezia, Italy. She made her film debut at 15 in "Gwendolyn" (1957). Since then she’s had a long career in Italian films and is thought of as one of Italy’s finest actresses, receiving several Best Actress Awards. After appearing in the 1958 TV series "Padri e figli" and 1959 in "Il Musichiere" she turned to the stage. While acting in theater she met actor Gian Maria Volonte and became his partner for many years and they had a daughter. In 1967 Carla returned to films appearing in "I sette fratelli Cervi" and in 1968's Banditi a Milano". In 1974 she appeared in "L’anticristo" directed by Alberto Martino. Carla also became a politician and was named to replace Luigi Longo as a member of the Chamber of Deputies after his death from 1980-1983. In the 1990s she returned to the theater where she has dedicated most of her time. Carla appeared in only one Euro-western 1966's "A Bullet for the General" as Rosario along with Volonte. Today we celebrate Carla Gravina’s 70th birthday.

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