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Glory Glory - U.K. title
Hooded Angels - U.S.A. title

A 2000 British production [Peakviewing Transatlantic PLC (London)]
Producers: Elizabeth Matthews, Paul Matthews
Director: Paul Matthews
Story: Paul Matthews
Screenplay: Paul Matthews
Cinematography: Vincent G. Cox [Fujicolor]
Music: Mark Thomas
Running time: 109 minutes

Hannah - Chantell Stander (Chantelle Stander)
Wes - Paul Johansson
Ellie - Juliana Venter
Billy - David Dukas
Sil - Gideon Emery
Widow Wilson - Amanda Donohoe
Jack - Steve Bauer (Esteban Echevarria)
Sheriff Ben - Gary Busey (William Busey)
Jane Wilson - Jenna Dover
April - Julie Hartley
Becky - Candice Argall
Christa - Jennifer Steyn
Marie - Ana Katarina (Ana Stojanovic)
Sherrie - Michelle Bradshaw
Beard - Cordell McQueen
Confederate General - Greg Melvill-Smith
Packer - Ron Smerczak
bathhouse assistant - Daniel Lee
priest - André-Jacques van der Merwe
Frank - Nick Boraine
Ellie’s grandmother - Lynne White (Lynn White)
old timer - Dale Cutts
Roy - Russel Savadier
Sheriff Sam Shepard - Wilson Dunster
bank teller - Donald Woodburn
bank manager - John Lesley
Silus - Robin Smith
Deek - Marcel Van Heerden
Tommy - Conner Dowds (Connor Dowds)
old lady - Anne Curteis
woman hostage - Joselyn Broderick
customers - Graham Lucas, Alan Granville
drunken soldier - Ian Rossouw
gunmen - Graham Clarke, Alyzzander Fourie
posse men - Hannes Muller, Michael Maxwell, Iain Winter-Smith, Cecil Carter, Rik Proost, Damon Thomas, Glen Vaughan, Jacques Gombault
militia men - Anthony Bishop, Anthony Coleman, Philip Moolman, Carl Beukes
casino manager - Graham Anderson
old whore - Judith Ditchfield (Judith Broderick)
old man - Victor Mellaney

In the waning days of the Civil War, rebel stragglers plunder the community of Silver Creek, raping the women-folk for good measure. After the marauders slay their male relatives, Hannah and the Widow Wilson, who've just lost a four-year-old son and a spouse, respectively, unleash their fury on the male gender. Decked out in distinctive hoods, Hannah and her girl gang pose as male outlaws and knock over banks. Using their feminine wiles, they even fool a pursuing posse and gun them down. But an old incident in Silver Creek, where they executed a rebel general, come back to haunt them. The girls ride into interference in a town housing a federal payroll; the dead officer's son, Wes, comes looking for vengeance, joined by friends cowboys Jack, Syl and Billy, who had friends in the slaughtered posse. While Wes expects the hooded thieves to gallop into town, the amazon angels are already there, masquerading as saloon hostesses. Inevitably, romance compromises the gang's professionalism — Hannah falls for Wes, much to the dismay of her lesbian lover Ellie, while the Widow Wilson dallies with Jack. During the payroll heist, Ellie uncovers her face before witnesses, figuring that if she's forced to become a fugitive, Hannah will have to join her. But as the women retreat from the scene of the crime, Hannah is wounded and fellow bandit Jane is killed. How can Wes and Jack reconcile their romantic feelings with the vendetta they've sworn against the beautiful bandits?

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