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Lo chiamavano King - Italian title
Til sidste Kugle - Danish title
Bullet King - Filipino title
Vilmeinen luoti - Finnish title
Il s’appelait King - French title
On m’appelle King - French title
Su nombre fue Rey - Spanish title
The Last Bullet - English title
The Man Called King - U.K. title
His Name was King - U.S.A. title

A 1971 Italian production [Foro Film (Rome)]
Producer: Luigi Nannerini
Director: Don Reynolds (Giancarlo Romitelli)
Story: Renato Savino
Screenplay: Renato Savino
Cinematography: Guglielmo Mancori [Eastmancolor, widescreen]
Music: Luis Enriquez Bacalov
Song: "His Name was King" sung by Ann Collin
Running time: 90 minutes

John ‘King’ Marley - Richard Harrison
Sheriff Brian Foster - Klaus Kinski (Nikolaus Nakaszynski)
Carol Marley - Anne Puskin
Mr. Collins - Luciano Pigozzi
Ben Benson - John Silver (Goffredo Unger)
Sam Benson - Rick Boyd (Federico Boido)
Benson brother - Lorenzo Fineschi
Mestas - Marco Zuanelli
deputies - Vasili Karis (Vasili Karamesinis), Osiride Pevarello, Paolo Magalotti
Major Ericson - Tom Felleghy (Tamas Fellegi)
Sheirff Roberts - John Bartha (Janos Barta)
with: Ada Pometti (Nunzia Pometti), Giuseppe Monteverdi, Lucio Zarini, Giorgio Dolfin, Sergio Smacchi

John ‘King’ Marley is helping inspector Gordon and Major Harrington stop a band of gunrunners smuggling guns across the border into Mexico. The culprits are the Benson brothers who after killing King’s brother and raping his wife cross the frontier with a large shipment of guns. King goes in pursuit of the outlaws leaving his wife with his best friend Sheriff Foster. After tracking down the Benson’s he finds out Foster is the man who is behind the gang and hurries home for a final showdown.

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