Friday, August 26, 2011

Happy 90th Birthday Joachin Luis Romero Marchent

Joaquin Luis-Romero Hernández Marchent was born on August 26, 1921 in Madrid, Spain. The son of Radio Cinema Magazine publisher, editor and film producer Joaquín Gómez de Avellaneda Marchent Romero and the brother of director Rafael Romero Marchent [1926- ], film editor Ana Maria Romero Marchent and actor Carlos Romero Marchent [1941- ]. Joaquin started his career as a child actor in school plays and later small film roles in the 1940s. He left law school to pursue a profession in the film industry. His first film appearance was in 1946's "El crimen de Pepe Conde" produced by his father and directed by José López Rubio. He formed a stage company with his brother Rafael and then became first an assistant director and then a director with "Juzgado permanente" (1953). 

Marchent helped introduce the western by bringing the José Mallorqui character ‘El Coyote’ to the screen in 1954 co-directing with Fernando Soler. The Marchents helped produce and direct 16 Euro-westerns in the 1960s among which were "The Shadow of Zorro" (1961), "Seven Guns for Texas" (1964), "Seven Hours of Gunfire" (1965), "Gunfight at High Noon" (1966), "Fedra West" (1968), "Cut-Throats Nine" (1972) and "Revenge of the Black Wolf" (1981). Joaquin moved into almost exclusively producing and screenwriting in the late 1960s and 1970s writing for most of the films made through his production company Centaur Films. Most of these were westerns directed by his brother Rafael.
Marchent's last involvement was in 1994's "Curro Jiménez II", TV mini-series which he directed. He is married to actress Ángela Caballero and their daughter Nuria Romero is an assistant director. Today we celebrate Joaquin Luis Romero Marchent’s 90th birthday.

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  1. Tom Betts said...
    Sorry originally I posted the wrong photo of Joaquin Luis-Romero Hernández Marchent but Juanen Pérez Miranda sent me a Facebook e-mail informing me the photo was of Fernando Fernán Gómez. I've reposted (hopefully) a correct picture of Joaquin. Thank you Juanen for notifying me of the error.