Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Happy 70th Birthday María Silva

María Jesús Marín Rodríguez was born on August 16, 1941 in Palencia, Castilla y León, Spain. She worked as a model which opened the doors to her film debut in 1959 with "April in Portugal" credited as Mara Silva. She would continue to appear steadily in small roles in Spanish films until the early 1990s. She found greater fame in television in the late 1960s in the TV musical "Zaruela" directed by Juan de Orduña. María continue to make films but most of her career was spent in television in such series as "Juan y Manuela" (1973) and "Taller Mecánico" (1991) directed by Mariano Ozores. Known as María Silva to Spaghetti western fans she appeared in 10 Euro-westerns from "The Terrible Sheriff" (1962) to ‘The Black Wolf" (1981). Her best remembered role was probably in 1967's "Kill the Wicked" as Judy Mary. Married to director José Grañena, María left films in 1991 to become an actor’s agent. Today we celberate María Silva’s 70th birthday.

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  1. Maria Silva died recently. I saw her in "Kill The Wicked" from 1967. May she rest in peace. She was beautiful. Her hometown was Palencia.