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Un fiume di dollari - Italian title
Sangre en las colinas - Spanish title
Un rio de dolares - Spanish title
Sangue nas Montanhas - Brazilian title
Dollarivirta - Finnish title
Du sang dans la montagne - French title
Eine Flut von Dollars - German title
Ena potami dollaria - Greek title
En flod av dollar - Swedish title
Plamena Reka - Turkish title
A River of Dollars - U.S.A. title
The Hills Run Red - U.S.A. title

A 1966 Italian, Spanish co-production [Din De Laurentis Cinematografica (Rome), CB Films (Barcelona)]
Producers: Luigi Crpentieri, Ermanno Donati
Director: Lee W. Beaver (Carlo Lizzani)
Story: Dead Craig (Piero Regnoli)
Screenplay: Dead Craig (Piero Regnoli)
Cinematography: Toni Secchi (Antonio Secchi) [Technicolor, Techniscope]
Music: Leo Nichols (Ennio Morricone)
Song: "Home to My Love" sung by Gino (Gianni Spiachetti)
Running time: 93 minutes

Jerry Brewster/Jim Houston - Thomas Hunter
Garcia Mendez - Henry Silva
Colonel Winnie Getz - Dan Duryea (Daniel Duryea)
Marry Ann Seagall/Milton - Nicoletta Machiavelli
Hattie/Abby Gardner - Gianni Serra
Ken Seagall/Ken Milton - Nando Gazzolo (Fernando Gazzolo)
Tim Brewster - Loris Loddi
Brian Horner - Geoffrey Copleston (Gerard Copleston)
Stayne - Paolo Magalotti
Randall - Jeff Cameron (Goffredo Scarciofolo)
gambler - Vittorio Bonos
Burger - Guido Celano
Carson - Gianluigi Crescenzi
Mitch - Mauro Mannatrizio
Union cavalry sergeant - Tiberio Mitri
Union colonel - Goffredo Unger
Pedro - Guglielmo Spoletini
Juan - Lucio De Santis
Sancho - Mirko Valentin
Wolf - Puccio Ceccarelli (Lanfranco Ceccarelli)
Mendez henchmen - Osiride Pevarello, Renzo Pevarello
peon - Fortunato Arena
with: Goffredo Matassi, Piero Morgia, Luigi Scavran, Sandro Dori (Alberto Schiappadori), Fernando Ferrara, Fiorella Ferraro, John M. Gaskins, Paolo Figlia, Nazzareno Zamperla

Jerry Brewster, and Ken Seagall, two ex-Confederate soldiers, are making their way home after the war. They have successfully stolen a Union payroll but are suddenly discovered and pursued by a detachment of soldiers. Jerry is left to be captured while he leaves Ken to escape with the loot and the promise to care for his family. After five years in prison he returns to his hometown to reconnect with his family and Seagall. He is surprised that Ken has become a rich and powerful landowner, and has gang of henchmen headed by Garcia Mendez in his service acting on his behalf. Jerry also discovers that his wife has been dead for several years because of the hardships she suffered after the war and that his son is forced to become a stableboy. Aided by a mysterious stranger, Jerry manages to get rid of Seagall’s henchmen and, in a decisive battle, is able to defeat Mendez and Seagall. Jerry’s mysterious partner turns out to be an envoy of the government sent to recover the stolen U.S. dollars, and, gratefully, he appoints Jerry the sheriff of the now pacified town.

YouTube link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WvE7Yi7776o

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