Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Who Are Those Guys ~ Vasco Creti

Vasco Creti was born on December 7, 1874 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy. He was an Italian film actor. He appeared in 117 films between 1915 and 1944. He was the brother of actress Amelia Chellini [1880-1944] and was married to actress Valeria Creti. Soon after their marriage they became active in the film company Reiter-Carini. At the end of 1912 they were involved in the ephemeral experience of Torino Films. By the next year, they left for Savoia Films where Valeria was the protagonist of the dramas “Miarka Romanè” and “Il carnefice” (co-starring with Roncoroni), and played an important role in Poor Children! In 1914 they were among the first actors hired by Corona Films, where they worked together or separately - until 1916.  Creti is probably best remembered for his performances in “The Last Days of Pompeii” (1926) and “L'uomo dall'artiglio” (1931).

Vasco Creti died in Rome on October 16, 1945.

CRETI, Vasco [12/7/1874, Florence, Tuscany, Italy – 10/16/1945, Rome, Lazio, Italy] – film actor, brother of actress Amelia Chellini (Amelia Creti) [1880–1944].

La tribù misteriosa – 1916

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