Tuesday, January 11, 2022

New Czech Republic Book~ Fenomen Italsky Western








Fenomen Italsky Western

Author: Jan Svabenicky


Country: Czech Republic

Publisher: Casablanca

Language: Czechoslovakia

Pages: 416

ISBN 9788087292518

Available: January 5, 2022


The Italian western, to which this book is devoted, represents not only one of the most popular genres of Italian cinema, but also a complex socio-cultural phenomenon that resonates in a broad international context. The author tries to present it from a different point of view, different from the interpretations that are constantly repeated in publications devoted to this genre. He chose several areas, specific topics, for his analysis. In the introductory historical part, he focused on the revision of a long-standing and erroneously established picture of the history of the Italian western, connected especially with the work of Sergio Leone. In the following interpretive chapters, he discusses the distinctive identifying attributes of this genre, closely related to religious symbolism, cultural intertextuality, anachronistic elements, genre constructions, and film music. The author's text is introduced by personal historical testimonies of his own creative experience, written by Ernest Gastaldi, who wrote the foreword for the book, and director Giancarlo Santi, with whom the author interviewed.

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