Thursday, January 6, 2022

Gallows or Bullet

 Horca o bala – Spanish title

Horca o bala – elige tu destino – Spanish title

Gallows or Bullet – English title


A 2020 [Chilishop 2 Producitons (Almeria)]

Producer: Didier Methivier

Director: Didier Methivier

Story: Didier Methivier

Screenplay: Didier Methivier

Cinematofraphy: [color]

Music: Didier Methivier

Running time: 25 minutes



Marshall – Jose Fernandez Mezcua

Bounty hunters - Didier Methivier, John Hutchins

Sheriff - Gedphil Dallas

Prisoner – Jordi Galimany Aguilar

Banker – Franky J. Cuaron

Bank robber – Jean-Marc Jeanne

Mexican outlaw - Jose Corral Martinez

Miguel Ojeda Peral, Harry Bronco, Pecos El Francis, Miguel Ángel Navarro Medina, Salvador Fernandez Carrion

In 1877, the arrival of a new banker and a Mexican will transform the city of its habits. A bounty hunter and a Marshall will restore order to the peace of its inhabitants.


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