Thursday, January 13, 2022

Fraga, the Spanish West [archived newspaper article]

 Diario de Lerida

By Julio Ruestes



"Triangle infernal" (Days of Vengeance) is the ninth "westerns" that will now film in our already famous place

(Given to our informative Delegation)

Fraga, the Spanish West

     Many films have been shot in Fraga in recent years. I remember among other titles: “Los tres Texas” (Three from Texas), “Pistoleros de Arizona” (Five Thousand Dollars On One Ace), “Diez mil dolares” ($10,000 for a Massacre), “Hay que matar al sheriff” (A Coffin for the Sheriff), “Tumba para un pistolero”, (Grave of the Gunfighter), “Por que sequir matando” (Blood at Sundown), “Siete pistolas par Timothy” (Seven Guns for Timothy), “Viva Carrancho” (The Man from Canyon City), “Oklahoma John”, “El Tejano” (The Texican), “Cuatro dolares de venganza” ($4.00 for Revenge) and so on.

     Within a few days, the production company "Mingyar" will travel to Fraga to film the exteriors of a new "western", which will be titled "Triangulo infernal" (Days of Vengeace). The film will be directed by the award-winning Italian director Florestano Vancini, and the main roles are played by Francisco Rabal, Conrado Sanmartin, Giuliano Gemma, Gabriella Giorgelli and “Pajarito”. Currently, the team is filming in a railway station near Zaragosa, whose characteristics are similar to those that exist in the American West.

     As soon as the aforementioned production company arrives in our city, we will offer DIARIO DE LERIDA readers an extensive report on the filming of "Triangulo infernal".


  1. I know that "The Texican" was partially filmed there but what other Westerns were filmed in Fraga?

  2. Go to and enter the name "Fraga" and you'll see several sites that will tell of the many westerns filmed in this region of Spain. They also have a Facebook page and post almost daily on westerns filmed there. There are too many to list.