Thursday, January 20, 2022

RIP Hardy Krüger

Hardy Krüger, considered one of post-war Germany's best actors, has died aged 93. Krüger died "suddenly and unexpectedly" on January 19, 2022 in Palm Springs, California, where he lived with his third wife, American-born writer Anita Park. Krüger starred in the 1957 British movie “The One That Got Away” about a captured German fighter pilot who stages a series of daring attempts to escape the Allies and, as the title suggests, finally succeeds. His charm, good looks and the fact that he deserted from the Nazi army toward the end of World War II helped Krüger land further roles at a time when Germans of his generation were still eyed with suspicion abroad. Krüger appeared in a string of English-language adventure and war movies, including A Bridge too Far (1977) and The Wild Geese (1978). Hardy made one Euro-western in 1975’s “Montana Trap” (aka Potato Fritz) as Captain Henry Ebedard ‘Potato Fritz’ Jansen.

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