Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Who Are Those Guys? ~ Bruno Carotenuto

Bruno Carotenuto was born May 8, 1941 in Rome, Italy. He is the grandson of Nello Carotenuto [1876-1937] and the son of the actor Memmo Carotenuto [1908-1980], he is the brother of actress Nennella Carotenuto and nephew of actor Mario Carotenuto [1915-1995]. Bruno began his career in the cinema in 1957 with an appearance in “Solo Dio mi fermerà” directed by Renato Polselli.

His career lasted only 10 years and encompassed on 17 films, mostly comedies and Spaghetti westerns where he was often credited as B. Carotenuto, Carol Brown, Carrol Brown. He starred in his second film, 1957’s  “Mattino di primavera directed by Giacinto Solito but was relegated to secondary and character roles afterward.

He’s probably best remembered as Antonio Baxter the son of Sheriff John Baxter in 1964’s “Fistful of Dollars”.

CAROTENUTO, Bruno (aka B. Carotenuto) [5/8/1941, Rome, Lazio, Italy -     ] – film actor, grandson of actor Nello Carotenuto (Raffaele Carotenuto) [1876-1937], son of producer, actor Memmo Carotenuto (Guglielmo Carotenuto) [1908-1980], nephew of writer, actor Mario Carotenuto [1915-1995], brother of actress Nennella Carotenuto.
The Sheriff – 1960
Fistful of Dollars – 1964 (Antonio Baxter) [as B. Carotenuto]
Massacre at Marble City - 1964 (Lopez) [as Carrol Brown]
Seven Dollars on the Red – 1966 (Rosario) [as Caroll Brown]

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  1. Sorry but I had to delete a profane comment that stated Bruno only appeared in Fistful of Dollars that the Carol/Carrol Brown is an alias for Carlo Calo. That's true but no source gives Calo any of the westerns credited to Carotenuto, who was also sometimes credited as Carol/Carrol Brown depending on how it was spelled by whomever wrote the credits.