Monday, January 15, 2018

European Western Comic Books ~ La Congiura di Tuerta

La Congiura di Tuerta  tells of the adventures of Kit Carson by Rino Albertarelli, in a version published in the Collana dei Cento, (Edizioni Eco, 1943) but in a giant format.

This western comic saw four issue beginning in January – April 1945. It was published by ROS
And the publishing house Edizioni Il Carro in Milan. The comic book consisted of 16 pages in black and white

The four titles consisted of  “La congiura di Tuerto”, “L’assalto al treno”, “L’Amazzone bianca”,
“Lotta a morte”.

Rino Albertarelli was born in Cesena, Italy on June 8, 1908 and was an Italian comics artist and illustrator. He moved to Milan in 1928, debuting in 1935 for the comic magazines ArgentoVivo! and L'Audace. Two years later he moved to Mondadori, for which he created his most famous character, Kit Carson, as well as the series Dottor Faust and Gino e Gianni. After World War II he slowed his activities as a comic artist, only making a few Emilio Salgari's adaptations for the magazine Salgari and collaborating with some French magazines.

In the 1950s Albertarelli abandoned comics to focus on his activity as an illustrator. After a long hiatus, he returned to comics in 1973 with Daim Press' series I protagonisti del West (also known as I protagonisti), with which he collaborated until his death on September 21, 1974 in Milan. The series was eventually completed by Sergio Toppi.

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