Thursday, January 25, 2018

The Gypsy Girl and the Charro

La Gitana y el Charro – Spanish title
A Bruxa Cigana - Portugese title
The Gypsy Girl and the Charro – English title

A 1964, Mexican, Spanish co-production [Panamerican Films S.A. (Mexico City), Suevia Films - Cesáreo González (Madrid)]
Producer: Cesáreo González
Director: Gilberto Martínez Solares
Story: José María Arozamena (Jesús María de Arozamena), Blanca Estella Limón, José María Fernández
Screenplay: José María Arozamena (Jesús María de Arozamena),
Cinematography: Raúl Martínez Solares, Manuel Merino [black & white]
Music: Rubén Fuentes, Moradiellos Gómez, Antonio Ramírez Ángel          
Running time:
Antonio – Antonio Aguilar
María Vargas – Lola Flores
Manuel Gálvez – Manuel Capetillo
Pericoli – Emilio Pericoli
Tío Curro - Florencio Castelló
Chelelo - Eleazar García
Colocho - Mario Cebadua (Mario Zebadúa 'Colocho)
Juan - Antonio González 'El Pescaílla'
Bailarina gitana – Carmen Mota, Joaquín Robles
Comisario - Augusto Monterroso
Niña – Lolita Flores

The singing rancher Antonio stays at his model ranch, where he makes the peones work with stringent orders along with the gypsy and singer María and her family.  The bullfighter Manuel wants a mare from Antonio but Maria's relatives steal it along with other horses and Antonio holds Maria hostage so that they can be returned.  She escapes and as knows that she is attractive to Antonio, and becomes jealous of the bullfighter.  Finally the horses are returned and Maria prepares to depart with the gypsies but Antonio reaches her and takes her away on his horse

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