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Zorro il ribelle – Italian title
Zorro il terribile – Italian tile
Zorro, rebellen fra bjergene - Danish title
Zorro de rebel – Dutch title
Zorro - musta ratsastaja – Finnish title
Zorro le rebelde – French title
Das Finale liefert Zorro – German title
Zorro, o aittitos – Greek title
Zorro, o rebelde – Portuguese title
Zorro il rebelde – Spanish title
Zorro the Rebel – English title

A 1966 Italian production [Romano Films (Rome)]
Producer: Fotunato Misiano
Director: Piero Pierotti
Story: Piero Pierotti
Screenplay: Piero Pierotti, Gianfranco Clerici
Cinematography: Augusto Tiezzi [Eastmancolor]
Music: A.F. Lavagnino (Angelo Francesco Lavagnino)
Running time: 95 minutes

Don Romiro/Zorro – Howard Ross (Renato Rossini)
Isabel – Dina De Santis (Carlotta Provin)
Luis Alvarez – Charles Borromel (Carlos Borromeo)
Don Alvarez – Arturo Dominici
Nina – Gabriella B. Andreini (Gabriella Baistrocchi)
Pablito – Massio Carocci
Cobra – Red Carter (Nello Pazzafini)
Don Miguel – Edoardo Toniolo
Padre Carmelo – Giuseppe Lauricella
Pilar – Regina Seiffert
Rojo – Silvio Bagolini
Salvador – Ignazio Balsamo
Conchita – Rosy De Leo
Mother Consuelo – Eleanora Morana
Ramon – Valentino Macchi
With: Gioia Zanetti, Omero Capanna

In a small town on the border between Mexico and Texas, the tyranny of the governor Alvarez is opposed by a group of rebels led by Salvador and a mysterious masked rider, Zorro. With the governor, however, are his son Louis, dissolute young, Don Ramiro, a cowardly and garrulous dandy and a bloodthirsty posse commanded by Cobra.  At a party given by the wealthy Don Miguel to solemnize the purpose of distributing the land to the peons, Alvarez intervenes and prevents any further action, declaring it "revolutionary," the gift of land and imprisons the noble lord requiring, among other things, he give his daughter Isabel Loiuis in marriage. The situation soon becomes untenable and while the rebels are organized and have their first clashes with soldiers of the Governor, Don Ramiro agrees to marry Isabel precipitously, to put the son of the governor with a fait accompli. This is going to cost the life of Don Miguel but the outbreak of the revolt led by Zorro and his friend Salvador, soon eliminates the tyrant and his accomplices.  Success leads Zorro to take off the mask and to reveal his identity to Isabel.

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