Saturday, October 25, 2014


West and Soda – Italian title
Lasten länkkäri – Finnish title
Der wildeste Westen – German title
Johnny y Clementina en el Oeste – Spanish title
El bueno, el malo, el feo y el horrible – Spanish title
West and Soda – English title
A 1964 Italian production [Cineriz (Rome)]
Producer: Bruno Bozzetto
Director: Bruno Bozzetto, Attilio Giovannini
Story: Bruno Bozzetto
Screenplay: Bruno Bozzetto
Cinematography: Luciano Marzetti, Roberto Scarpa [Eastmancolor]
Music: Giampiero Boneschi
Running time: 86 minutes
Johnny, Clementine, Horrible, Ursus, Dolly, Katy, Slim, Esmeralda, Kramer, undertaker, Bubi, Black Cow, Yellow Cow, Horrible’s horse

A stranger named Johnny arrives in a small western town. He finds a pretty woman named Clementine whose been holding out from selling her uniquely green land to the local town boss, who is harassing her in hopes of seducing her and buying her land. There's an ongoing mystery about how the stranger got a hold of the gold nugget he possesses, though at the end of the film it is revealed that he found it in a soap box and it turns out to be fake.

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