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Welcome to Blood City – British title
Welcome to Blood City – Canadian title
Bienvenido a la ciudad sangrienta – Argentinian title
Bem Vindos à Cidade Maligna – Brazilian title
Bienvenue à la cité sanglante – French title
Wilkommen in der blutigen Stadt – German title
Regresso ao Oeste Bravio – Portuguese title
Bienvenidos a ciudad sangrienta – Spanish title
Blood City – English title
Welcome to Blood City – English title
A 1976 British, Canadian co-production [EMI Productions (London), Blood City Productions(Toronto)]
Producer: Marilyn Stonehouse
Director: Peter Sasdy
Story: Stephen Schneck, Michael Winder
Screenplay: Stephan Schneck, Michael Winder
Cinematography: Reginald H. Morris [Technicolor, Panavision]
Music: Roy Budd
Running time: 96 minutes
Sheriff Frendlander – Jack Palance (Volodymyr Palahnyuk, Jr)
Michael Lewis – Keir Dullea
Katharine – Samantha Eggar (Victoria Eggar)
Supervisor – Barry Morse (Herbert Morse)
Martine – Hollis McLaren
Gellor – Chris Wiggins
3rd citizen – Les Berker
Owen – Larry Benedict (Lawrence Benedict)
Kane – Al Bernardo
2nd old man – Syd Brown
Bodyguard – Calvin Butler
1st old man – Eric Clvering (Simon Clavering)
Webb – Jack Creley
Sarge – Alan Crofoot
2nd technician – Neil Dainard
Gunsmith – John J. Dee
Lyle – John Evans
Flint – Ken James
Boot maker – Mina E. Mina (Mina Erian Mina)
Deputy – Steve Pernie
1st technician – Shelley Peterson
Chumley – Henry Ramer
Harry – Gary Reinecke
Bates – Larry Reynolds
Peter – Allan Royale (Allan Royal)
Ricardo – Chuck Shamata (Charles Shamata)
2nd citizen – Kay Switzer
1st citizen – Lloyd White
Stunts: Bruce Moriarty

Five people wake up outside the Western town of Blood City. They have no knowledge of who they are other than a card in their pockets telling them that each of them is a convicted murderer. Their only choices are to either become slaves in Blood City or else to fight for their survival unarmed. Michael Lewis chooses the ruthless game of survival. He is unaware that computer programmers are watching all his moves and that Blood City is in fact a virtual reality simulation to test recruits to see if they have the right stuff to become law enforcement officials.

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