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Water for Canitoga

Wasser für Canitoga – German title
Canitoga – Danish title
Alaska – Dutch title
Hoe in Alaska de saboteurs ontmaskerd warden – Dutch title
Drame à Canitoga – French title
Canitoga – Greek title
Canitoga höse – Hungarian title
Canitoga – Italian title
Canitoga – Spanish title
Izvrsio sam naredbu – Yugoslavian title
Water for Canitoga – English title
A 1939 German production [Bavaria-Filmkunst (Munich)]
Producer: C.W. Tetting (Carl Wilhelm Tetting)
Director: Herbert Selpin
Story: Egon Eis, Otto Eis, Hans Rehfish
Screenplay: Emil Burri, Peter Francke (Kurt Hohoff) , Walter-Zerlett-Olfenius
Cinematography: Josef Illig, Franz Koch [black & white]
Music: Peter Kreuder
Song: “Good Bye, Johnny” sung by Hans Albers
Running time: 119 minutes
Oliver Monstuart/Nicholsen – Hans Albers
Lilly – Charlotte Susa (Charlotte Wegmüller)
Winifred Gardener – Hilde Sessak
Gilbert Trafford – Peter Voß
Ingram – Josef Sieber
Ruski – Anfrews Engelmann (Andre von Engelmann)
Dyke – Karl Dannemann (Carl Dannemann)
Shatterhand – Hans Mierendorff (Johannes Mierendorff)
Governor – Heinrich Schroth
Sheriff – Ernst Fritz Fürbringer
Saboteur – Beppo Brem (Josef Brem)
Reeve – Willy Rösner
Westbrook – Carl Wery (Carl Wery de Lemans)
Reechy – Heinrich Kalnberg
Girl on the road – Katja Bennefeld
Silvester Gast – Peter Busse
Vormann – Henry Pleß
Director – Ernst Rotmund
Lagerazt – Arnulf Schröder
Professor – Bruno Ziener
Gast – Max Harry Ernst
Ormand – Fritz Reiff
Johnny – Louis Brody (M’bebe Mpessa)
Workers – Arthur Reinhardt, Wilhelm Konig
With: Walter Bechmann, Lydia Schulenberg
Stunts: Beate Uhse

In 1905, engineer Oliver Montstuart is in Canada with hundreds of workers building a water line to the city of Canitoga. Numerous acts of sabotage constantly set the project back. Ironically, Oliver is held responsible. The suspect is shot by Oliver in self-defense and then he escapes into the mountains. A warrant is issued for Oliver’s arrest. After a time Oliver returns calling himself Nicholsen. He determines Ingram is the man behind the attacks. Before a leak in the line which will threaten the bursting of the dam Oliver/Nicholsen is able to close it. Now completion of the dam is accomplished shortly before Oliver dies.
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