Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Welcome to Elderstorm

Welcome to Elderstorm
A 2013 Italian production [Goodbird Films (Rome)]
Producer: Markus Goodbirds
Director: Diego Bonuccelli (11/11/1993)
Story: Diego Bonuccelli
Screenplay: Diego Bonuccelli
Cinematography: Diego Bonuccelli [color]
Music: Diego Bonuccelli, Giacomo Puccini, Matt Cafissi
Songs: sung by Mimma Briganti
Running time: 83 minutes
Maurice Puzos – Maurizio Lazzeri
Reporter - Luca Telese
Singer – Mimma Briganti
Robert Walter Colombini, Cesare Tarabella, Markus Goodbirds, Fabrizio Palla, Cesare Poli, Mimma Briganti, Luca Telese, Francesco Marchetti, Lodovico Marchetti, Filippo Fambrini, Alessandro Biagi, Riccardo Cipollini, Mariaclara Nardini, Mirko Bugliani, Nicola Nannavecchia, Yuri Giannarelli, Ivano Borghini, Roberto Panichi
Two immigrants (an Italian and a German) confined in a penal colony as political prisoners after a failed escape attempt are hired, in exchange for their freedom, to eliminate three dangerous criminals. A cruel and corrupt Mayor handles the business using the inmates as a workforce.

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