Wednesday, October 15, 2014


Gli avventurieri dei tropici – Italian title
Waffen für San Salvador – German title
Los avventureros del tropic – Spanish title
Seven in the Sun – English title
Weapons for San Salvador – English title
A 1959 Italian production [Indra (Rome)]
Director: Sergio Bergonzelli
Story: Sergio Bergonzelli, Gualberto Titta
Screenplay: Sergio Bergonzelli, Frank Gregory
Cinematography: Alberto Fusi (Alberto Dreville) [color]
Music: Aldo Piga
Running time: 100 minutes
Frank – Frank Latimore (Franklin Kline)
Liberty – Gianna Maria Canale
Fernand – Sara Urzi (Rosario Urzi)
Salvador – John Kitzmuller
Jana – Marisa Belli (Maria Scavoni)
With: Marco Guglielmi (Augusto Guglielmi), Eduardo Passarelli (Eduardo De Filippo), Fedele Gentile, Vittoria Febbi, Edoardo Florio, Romano Ghini, Enrico Salvatore, Giampaolo Serra, Gino Scotti, Guglielmo Spoletini, Oreste Romolo
In the land of the Indians at the Rio Parana, a group of workers, under the orders of Fernand, is intent on clearing a stretch of forest. Fernand is a shady type, who participates in the illegal trade of weapons, including supplying the guerrillas led by Salvador and a woman named Liberty. In the past Fernand has unjustly condemned to prison his brother Frank, and then he married his girlfriend Jana. One day Frank, who has long since regained his freedom, and is now employed by a railway company arrives in the country; and looks to take revenge on his brother, he begins to compete with him, selling weapons, not only to Salvador, which fights for the independence of his country, but also to the revolutionaries who dominate it. Fernand tries unsuccessfully to kill his brother. When the guerrillas of El Salvador are attacked and decimated by the revolutionaries, Frank, moved by the spectacle of heroism offered by the patriots, gives survivors promises more weapons. The Indians, in turn, arise and are about to kill Fernand; Frank, forgetting the injustices he’s suffered, intervenes and manages to rescue the wounded brother. The generous action costs Frank the loss of his earnings, destroyed by a disastrous fire. Fernand succumbs to his wounds; Frank can now marry his beloved Jana.

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  1. This film deserves to be remade. And I just might be the guy to do it.