Saturday, October 18, 2014

Remembering Godofredo Pacheco

Godfredo Pacheco was born on October 18, 1919 in Madrid, Madrid, Spain. One of the unheralded  cinematographers of the Golden Age of Spanish cinema Pacheco has worked as a cameraman and cinematographer on more than 60 films from a still photographer on 1949’s “Paz” to cinematographer on “Los fantasmas del taller (Porcelanas de hoy)” in 1979. For “Dulcinea” he won a best cinematography award and has worked in such genres as Horroe, Crime, Action and has two Euro-westerns to his credit: “Chino” and “Those Dirty Dogs” (both 1973).
Godofredo was the brother of cinematographer Rafael Pacheco [1921- ]. He died on May 3, 1974 in Madrid, Spain.
Today we remember Godofredo Pacheco on what would have been his 95th birthday.

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