Thursday, October 23, 2014

Went Out

Went Out
Went Out – International title
A 2011 German production [Barzig (Berlin)]
Producer: Sarah Neumann
Director: Sarah Neumann
Story: Sarah Neumann
Screenplay: Sarah Neumann
Cinematography: Holger Jungnickel [color]
Music: Bob Dylan (Robert Zimmerman)
Songs: “As I Went Out One Morning”, “Days of 49” sung by Bob Dylan (Robert
Running time: 10 minutes
Alias – Mario Kaspras
Father – Siegfried Kockisch
Girl - Sophia Loeffler
Boy – Tobias Schönenberg
Old Alias - Christian Wewerka
Alias visits his father which turns out to be himself and he sees his troubled life in flashbacks as he moves through his former home.
Vimeo link to entire film short:

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