Monday, October 13, 2014

2014 Almeria Western Film Festival Rap-up

Castellari wants to shoot his next western in Almeria with Quentin Tarantino
The Italian director was honored yesterday at the Almerian Western Film Festival in Tabernas
Enzo G. Castellari received a career achievement award from Paco Ardura.  
The most awaited moment in the program of the fourth edition of Almería Western Film Festival had come. The Italian director and producer, Enzo G. Castellari, who has a "great affection" to this province because of the films he has shot here, did not disappoint in his speech. So much so that he explained to all present there, his intention is to film in Almeria with Quentin Tarantino as an actor, like he has with important actors like Franco Nero western, Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer.
It all started about 6:30 p.m. in the afternoon. The chosen place, the best possible, the studios of Fort Bravo. The directorial 'wizard' of European Westerns. After a video tribute of some of his best titles and words of thanks from both Juan Gabriel Garcia, host of the event, and Victor Matellano, film director Paco Ardura, one of the most prominent names in the world of Almería theater, Castellari spoke.
The Italian was visibly moved after hearing the words of thanks and praise of his colleagues in Almeria, Enzo thanked those which hosted the festival and which award was presented from the hands of his "friend" Ardura the 'statue' for his entire professional film career and of course, his relationship with Almería.
The honoree of the fourth edition of the festival affectionately recalled his many visits to the locations in Almeria and did not hesitate to affirm that "Almeria has some ideal locations that no other country can offer,  which is impressive."
Recalling his beginnings in the genre in his younger years, Enzo G. Castellari undertook his trip down memory lane for the moments when he filmed in Almería after first coming in 1963 "I remember at the time of high rate of production in western Almería, in the Grand Hotel we concentrated and informed you all where we were shooting, the atmosphere was great, "noted film director.
Then came the surprise of the event, although already having heard something they wanted to shoot in Almeria lands, Enzo Castellari was confirmed with a resounding phrase: "I want to come back here and next time around say the word action!".
Shooting in Almería
But the surprise was not that his homage. The acclaimed filmmaker said in the saloon at Fort Bravo it will also feature Quentin Tarantino as an actor for his film. That's when more than 100 people packed the room started clapping incessantly.
It was not only unique that Castellari revealed some of the scenes he had thought in his mind for his film and named important actors Franco Nero, Terrence Hill and Bud Spencer. "All these actors of the western world called to me to ask if they can participate even as a helper," the director recounted.
A film which he himself confirmed, wants the new poster that comes in the V edition of the festival,
along with all the players who will also be here year.
After Enzo G. Castellari spoke, the public had the opportunity to ask lquestions. Finally, the third day of the festival ended with a showing in Fort Bravo movie “Kill Them All and Come Back Alive”, directed by the star of the day.

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